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Soul Awards

Iconist Needed.

Soul Calibur Awards
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This is a community for all you Icon-ists out there who love to make Soul Calibur Icons! Each week there will be a new theme, lyrics and Image(s) that will be the basis of your wonderful icons. Voting will be friday-sunday and these icons will be judged by our members. Winners will receive banners so come and join!

For your icon, pick one of these image, lyrics, or theme

An image, a screenshot, manga image, pr official artwork will be provided. You can color, brush, or crop, and animate the icon, or whatever, but the only image used should be the one provided.

The lyrics to a song will be posted. Use at least three consecutive words but make sure the lyrics are the only text on the icon.

A theme will be provided, and you will need to make an icon out of the theme.

1.icons must have something to do with the theme ( the name of the theme doesn't necesarily have to be on it)
2.the icon submitted must be, of course, made by YOU
3. make sure it is Soul related
4. You can submit two icons, unless otherwise stated
5.All icons submitted must be compatible with Livejournal standards (100 x 100 and no more than 40KB)
6. the icon CANNOT be posted anywhere during the contest so please do not advertise it anywhere
7. DO NOT take any icons submitted during the contest. Only take after the voting is over and ask the iconmaker if it is alright to take, and also credit!

-=Submitting & Voting=-

Post the Icon as an image
then the url of the icon


All submissions will be screened, so the icons that you make will not be announced or seen until voting time. Please submit your icons between Sunday 1:00 PM and Friday 6:00 PM CST (Central Standard Time). No anonymous entries allowed. Voting time will be between Friday 5:30 PM and Sunday 1:00 PM CST (Central Standard Time).


Choose your favorite three.



Your votes will not be seen by others besides the moderator(s). The votes will be tallied up and we will announce the winners along with the new theme. Voting will be between Friday 6:00 PM and Sunday 6:00 PM CST (Central Standard Time).


-=Banner makers & Moderators=-

Banner makers:

visualette I really cant make banners so I ask you to please apply to be one.

Please apply by emailing me at DemnPockyGrl@Gmail.com

Banner Specifications:
- the following text should be on the banner:
- Winner's name
- Winner's placement
- Week number
- Community name, soul_awards
- if there is an animated icon, try to keep it animated.

AIM: Young Bo Bae
email: DemnPockyGrl@Gmail.com